Help / FAQ

What is DesignNave?
DesignNave is an online graphic design studio. We work on all type of graphic design you can think of. Businesses/people that need a design can use DesignNave to get the best design possible with save money.
How do I get started?
You need to complete three steps to start a project:
  • Select the Design Category (the type of design you need)
  • Complete the Project Brief (the brief or description presented to the designer)
  • Talk about your project budget with designer. Choose the package that suits your budget.
You only need a few minutes to complete the order and you can do it all from your desk!
How do I pay a designer?
After complete three steps to start a project. Designer will send you a payment link. You can pay using your credit card.
What payment security does DesignNave offer?
DesignNave consider the security of your information to be of paramount importance.
We have implemented security measures designed to provide the peace of mind you should expect when paying for your project over the internet. We employ third-party payment gateways to process purchases and your credit card or payment details are never recorded by DesignNave.
Money Back Guarantee
DesignNave offers money back guarantee on your project budget. This excludes any posting or upgrade fees you’ve paid to DesignNave when you launch your project. The only exception is where you’ve Committed / Guaranteed your project budget.
Don’t like any of the designs?
Request a refund within 7 days of start your project and before the files have been provided we’ll refund your project budget, no questions asked!  All we ask is that you wait until the end of your project deadline so you give designers time to upload all the designs they have made for your project.
Didn’t receive any designs?
We’ll refund your project budget AND all of the posting fees paid to DesignNave.
Can I keep my design project private and hidden from the public?
Yes, you can! If you say to designer it’s your private project, your project is only visible to registered Designers that are logged into their DesignNave account, and that your project brief or designs will not be listed by Google or other search engines. Additionally, Designers cannot display their submissions within their portfolios without your permission.